About us

Be My Protector

Be My Protector is a subsidy of Change Your World

Dedicated to fighting human trafficking, Be My Protector is a world leader in the development of Anti Human-Trafficking Software and outreach events.  In partnership with Southeast Asia's leading Anti-Trafficking service providers, Be My Protector aims to:

  • Train others to report trafficking
  • Rescue men / women caught in slavery
  • Raise the profile of Anti Trafficking

Our team

Located at C03 Puchong

While the majority of our staff and volunteers are mobile, our address of service and office operation are located at C03 shared ofiice facility in Puchong, Selangor.


The Be My Protector app, which took two years to develop, was launched in Puchong today, and will be available in eight different languages catering to the region.

Malay Mail

Describing the launch as a historical moment, Tenaganita director Aegile Fernandez said the app was necessary to allow the public and the victims themselves to have a proper channel to report cases of human trafficking.

The Sun Daily